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Bieng a Muslim you must have some questions in your mind about Quran Shareef and a muslim you must tell these information to your childrens. So here i want to decribe some basic information about Holy Quran which will guide you to know about last islamic Book Holy Quran.

What is Quran?

  • Holy Quran is last islamic book which written by ALLAH.

How many dots in Quran?

  • 10,25000.

How many words(Haroof) in Holy Quran?

  • 3,23,670.

How many Ayat in Holy Quran?

  • 6,236.

How many Parts(Siparah) Holy Quran Consists?

  • 30.

How many Sijda in Holy Quran?

  • 14.

How many Manzil in Holy Quran?

  • 7.

How many words in Holy Quran?

  • 77,934.

How many Raku in Holy Quran?

  • 558.

How many Surah in Holy Quran?

  • 114.

How many Madni and Makki Surah in Holy Quran?

  • Makki 85.
  • Madni 29.

When written zer(below), Zaber(above) and Pesh(in front) in Holy Quran?

  • This happened during the rule of Banu Umaiyah's popular Khalifah Abdul Malik Bin Marwan. Hajaj bin Yousuf did that.

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