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Al Quran with Urdu Translation by Imam Al Sadais and Shraim »»

Surah AlMuzammil
Name: Surah AlMuzammil
Surah AlMudassir
Name: Surah AlMudassir
Surah AlQiamah
Name: Surah AlQiamah
Surah AlInsan
Name: Surah AlInsan
Surah AlMursalat
Name: Surah AlMursalat
Surah AnNaba
Name: Surah AnNaba
Surah AnNaziat
Name: Surah AnNaziat
Surah Abasa
Name: Surah Abasa
Surah AtTakweer
Name: Surah AtTakweer
Surah AlInfitar
Name: Surah AlInfitar
Surah AlMutaffifin
Name: Surah AlMutaffifin
Surah AlInshiqaq
Name: Surah AlInshiqaq
Surah AlBurooj
Name: Surah AlBurooj
Surah AtTariq
Name: Surah AtTariq
Surah AlAala
Name: Surah AlAala
Surah AlGhashia
Name: Surah AlGhashia
Surah AlFajr
Name: Surah AlFajr
Surah AlBalad
Name: Surah AlBalad
Surah AshShams
Name: Surah AshShams
Surah AlLail
Name: Surah AlLail
Surah AdDuha
Name: Surah AdDuha
Surah AshSharah
Name: Surah AshSharah
Surah AtTeen
Name: Surah AtTeen
Surah AlAlaq
Name: Surah AlAlaq
Surah AlQadar
Name: Surah AlQadar
Surah AlBayyana
Name: Surah AlBayyana
Surah AlZalzalah
Name: Surah AlZalzalah
Surah AlAdiat
Name: Surah AlAdiat
Surah AlQaria
Name: Surah AlQaria
Surah AtTakasur
Name: Surah AtTakasur
Surah AlAsr
Name: Surah AlAsr
Surah AlHumazah
Name: Surah AlHumazah
Surah AlFeel
Name: Surah AlFeel
Surah Quresh
Name: Surah Quresh
Surah AlMaoon
Name: Surah AlMaoon
Surah AlKausar
Name: Surah AlKausar
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