List Popular Muslim Baby Boy Names

In Islamic culture, the process of choosing a Muslim baby boy name is considered important and carries both religious and cultural significance. Here are some reasons why choosing an Islamic baby boy name makes sense:

Meaning and Significance: Islamic names often have specific meanings that convey virtues, qualities, or good will. Parents choose names with meanings associated with the virtues, beliefs, and qualities they expect their child to have.

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Connection to faith: Islamic names often derive from Islam’s holy book, the Qur’an, or from the sayings and traditions of the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.) Choosing a religiously inspired name reflects a desire to associate a child with the teachings of Islam and values ​​of the.

Cultural identity: Islamic name helps to preserve cultural and religious identity. They are a reminder of the child’s origins and the values ​​espoused by the Muslim community.

Blessings and Protection: Islamic tradition believes that choosing a good and meaningful name brings blessings to the child. A meaningful name is thought to influence a child’s behavior and lifestyle.

Practical considerations: Islamic names often have a specific structure, in which “Abd” (Servant) is used in conjunction with one of the names of Allah to form names such as Abdullah (Servant of Allah) This structure reflects modesty and submissiveness for God to reveal.

Community and social inclusion: Islamic branding helps identify community membership and belonging. A shared name within a community can create a sense of unity and identity among its members.

Tree (tree) : The naming of a child is an opportunity for parents to pray (tree) for the welfare, success and service of their child. It is a time of spiritual reflection and communication.

Honoring the Prophetic Tradition: Many parents seek names favored by the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) for themselves or their children, out of respect for his traditions

List Of Muslim Baby Boy Names

  1. Aadam (آدم): The first prophet, man
  2. Aarif (عارف): Knowing, aware
  3. Abbas (عباس): Description of a lion
  4. Abdul (عبدال): Servant of Allah
  5. Abdullah (عبد الله): Servant of Allah
  6. Abu (ابو): Father of
  7. Ahmad (احمد): Most commendable
  8. Akram (اکرم): Generous, noble
  9. Alif (الف): Compassionate, kind
  10. Ali (علی): High, exalted
  11. Amin (امین): Trustworthy, faithful
  12. Amir (امیر): Prince, commander
  13. Anwar (انور): Luminous, enlightened
  14. Arif (عارف): Knowledgeable, wise
  15. Asad (اسد): Lion
  16. Ashraf (اشرف): Noble, honorable
  17. Ayaan (ایان): Gift of God
  18. Ayman (ایمان): Blessed, lucky
  19. Aziz (عزیز): Mighty, respected
  20. Bilal (بلال): Moisture, water
  21. Dawood (داؤد): Beloved, a prophet’s name
  22. Ehsan (احسان): Benevolence, kindness
  23. Emad (عماد): Pillar of support
  24. Faisal (فیصل): Judge, arbiter
  25. Faris (فارس): Knight, horseman
  26. Farhan (فرحان): Happy, joyful
  27. Fawad (فواد): Heart, soul
  28. Fayyaz (فیاض): Generous, bountiful
  29. Furqan (فرقان): Criterion, the one who distinguishes between right and wrong
  30. Ghulam (غلام): Servant, boy
  31. Hadi (ہادی): Guide, leader
  32. Hakim (حکیم): Wise, ruler
  33. Hamid (حمید): Praiseworthy
  34. Haris (حارث): Guardian, protector
  35. Hasan (حسن): Beautiful, handsome
  36. Hassan (حسن): Good, beautiful
  37. Hisham (ہشام): Generosity
  38. Husain (حسین): Beautiful, handsome
  39. Ibrahim (ابراہیم): Father of nations
  40. Idris (ادریس): Studious, industrious
  41. Ihsan (احسان): Beneficence, kindness
  42. Ismail (اسماعیل): Prophet’s name
  43. Jabir (جابر): Comforter, consoler
  44. Jalal (جلال): Glory, majesty
  45. Jamal (جمال): Beauty, grace
  46. Jibril (جبرائیل): Archangel Gabriel
  47. Junaid (جنید): Soldier, warrior
  48. Kamal (کمال): Perfection, excellence
  49. Kareem (کریم): Generous, noble
  50. Khalid (خالد): Eternal, immortal
  51. Mahir (ماہر): Skilled, adept
  52. Majid (ماجد): Glorious, noble
  53. Malik (مالک): King, master
  54. Mansoor (منصور): Victorious, triumphant
  55. Maqbool (مقبول): Accepted, pleasing
  56. Musa (موسی): Prophet Moses
  57. Mustafa (مصطفی): Chosen, selected
  58. Nadeem (ندیم): Companion, friend
  59. Nasir (ناصر): Helper, supporter
  60. Nawaz (نواز): One who bestows favors
  61. Omar (عمر): Life, flourishing
  62. Osman (عثمان): Pure, virtuous
  63. Qasim (قاسم): Divider, distributor
  64. Rafiq (رفیق): Kind, friend
  65. Rahman (رحمان): Compassionate, merciful
  66. Rashid (راشد): Rightly guided
  67. Rauf (رؤف): Compassionate, kind
  68. Rayyan (ریان): Gates of Heaven
  69. Ridwan (رضوان): Contentment, pleasure
  70. Saad (سعد): Felicity, good fortune
  71. Safwan (صفوان): Rock, solid
  72. Salman (سلمان): Safe, secure
  73. Samir (سمیر): Companion in evening talk
  74. Sarwar (سرور): Leader, chief
  75. Shahid (شاہد): Witness, martyr
  76. Sulaiman (سلیمان): Prophet Solomon
  77. Tahir (طاہر): Pure, clean
  78. Talib (طالب): Seeker of knowledge
  79. Tariq (طارق): Morning star
  80. Umar (عمر): Life, flourishing
  81. Usman (عثمان): Pure, virtuous
  82. Wahid (واحد): Unique, singular
  83. Waleed (ولید): Newborn child
  84. Wasiq (وثیق): Confident, secure
  85. Yasin (یاسین): Prophet’s name
  86. Youssef (یوسف): God increases
  87. Yunus (یونس): Prophet Jonah
  88. Yusuf (یوسف): Prophet Joseph
  89. Zafar (ظفر): Victory
  90. Zain (زین): Beauty, grace
  91. Zakariya (زکریا): Prophet Zechariah
  92. Zayd (زید): Growth, abundance
  93. Zubair (ذوبیر): Strong, powerful
  94. Abdul-Aleem (عبد العلیم): Servant of the All-Knowing
  95. Abdul-Bari (عبد الباری): Servant of the Creator
  96. Abdul-Ghaffar (عبد الغفار): Servant of the Forgiving
  97. Abdul-Hadi (عبد الہادی): Servant of the Guide
  98. Abdul-Jabbar (عبد الجبار): Servant of the Compeller
  99. Abdul-Latif (عبد اللطیف): Servant of the Subtle One
  100. Abdul-Majid (عبد المجید): Servant of the Glorious
  101. Abdul-Qadir (عبد القادر): Servant of the Capable
  102. Abdul-Rahim (عبد الرحیم): Servant of the Merciful
  103. Abdul-Rahman (عبد الرحمان): Servant of the Compassionate
  104. Abdul-Rauf (عبد الرؤف): Servant of the Most Compassionate
  105. Abdul-Salam (عبد السلام): Servant of Peace
  106. Abdul-Wahab (عبد الوہاب): Servant of the Bestower
  107. Adnan (عدنان): Settler, one who settles
  108. Ahmed (احمد): Praiseworthy
  109. Akhtar (اختر): Star
  110. Aqil (عاقل): Wise, sensible
  111. Arman (آرمان): Wish, desire
  112. Asim (عاصم): Protector, defender
  113. Azhar (اضہار): Luminous, radiant
  114. Badar (بدر): Full moon
  115. Bahadur (بہادر): Brave, bold
  116. Barir (بریر): Faithful, pious
  117. Burhan (برہان): Proof, evidence
  118. Danyal (دانیال): Prophet Daniel
  119. Elyas (الیاس): Prophet Elijah
  120. Fahim (فہیم): Intelligent, understanding
  121. Farhad (فرہاد): Happiness, joy
  122. Farid (فرید): Unique, singular
  123. Fazl (فضل): Grace, favor
  124. Ghazi (غازی): Conqueror, warrior
  125. Haider (حیدر): Lion
  126. Hamza (حمزہ): Lion
  127. Hanif (حنیف): True believer
  128. Hashim (ہاشم): Generous, destroyer of evil
  129. Imran (عمران): Prophet Amram (father of Moses)
  130. Iqbal (اقبال): Prosperity, good fortune
  131. Isa (عیسی): Prophet Jesus
  132. Ismat (عصمت): Purity, chastity
  133. Jaafar (جعفر): Rivulet, stream
  134. Jawad (جواد): Generous, open-handed
  135. Kashif (کاشف): Revealer of secrets
  136. Khalil (خلیل): Friend, companion
  137. Lutfi (لطفی): Kind, gentle
  138. Maarif (معارف): Knowledge, wisdom
  139. Mamun (مأمون): Trusted, trustworthy
  140. Muhib (محب): Loving, affectionate
  141. Murtaza (مرتضی): The chosen one
  142. Naim (نعیم): Comfort, ease
  143. Nashit (ناشط): Energetic, lively
  144. Noor (نور): Light
  145. Qaiser (قیصر): Emperor
  146. Qasim (قاسم): Divider, distributor
  147. Rameez (رمیز): Symbol, sign
  148. Raheel (راحیل): Traveler
  149. Saif (سیف): Sword
  150. Shakir (شاکر): Grateful, thankful

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