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Umrah is pilgrimage of Islam. All the sins Removed from 1 Umrah to other Umrah.

Questions and Answers Regarding Umrah Guide.

(Q): How umrah is performed English
(A): For Answers Watch These Videos which regarding Umrah Guide

(Q): How Umrah is performed in Urdu/Hindi, how umrah is done
(A): For Answer Watch Video Step by Step Guide to Performed Umrah

(Q): Umrah how many days, Umrah how long
(A): 1 Day, Complete in One to Two Hours.
(Q): Umrah how many times
(A): As you Wish, no Limit. Depend on your will and wealth.
(Q): How to umrah step by step
(A): Watch Video For Answer

(Q): How to umrah perform during periods
(A): You can't performed Umrah during periods. You can take medicines to stop periods.
(Q): How much Umrah cost from USA
(A): There are different range of Umrah which start from 1000$ to 5000$ and so on. Depend on your packages.
(Q): How much Umrah cost from UK
(A): There are different packages of Umrah from UK its start from 800 GBP to 3500 GBP.
(Q): When are Umrah Visas closed
(A): Umrah Visas closed after 15 of Ramadan.
(Q): When are umrah visas available after hajj
(A): Visa starting issue for Umrah in month of Muharram
(Q): When will umrah visa open after hajj
(A): Visa starting issue for Umrah in the month of Muharram before 2017 its start after 15 Rabi ul Awal.
(Q): How much are umrah tickets cost
(A): Umrah tickets cost are different in different countries. Ticket cost also different of different airlines.
In Pakistan the one ticket cost of return ticket start from 55000/- Rs. to 62000/- Rs.
(Q): When umrah will start after hajj
(A): If you have visa of Makkah then you can perform umrah any time after hajj.
(Q): Can umrah be performed without Mahram
(A): According to Saudi rules and regulations woman under age of 45 years cannot go for Umrah unless she is with her Mahram.
(Q): Can umrah be performed on behalf of others
(A): Yes if someone not afford to go for Umrah you can performed on behalf of that person. You ca also performed Umrah behalf of your parents who died.
(Q): Can umrah be performed for a dead person
(A): Yes, you can performed Umrah for a dead person.
(Q): Can umrah be performed in periods
(A): NO
(Q): Can umrah be performed on visit visa
(A): Yes, but you must wear ihram before crossing the meeqat.
(Q): Can umrah be performed in one day
(A): Yes
(Q): Can umrah be done at night
(A): Yes
(Q): Where is umrah performed
(A): Meeca, Makkah Saudi Arabia
(Q): Where does umrah start
(A): Umrah start when you wear ahram before crossing meekat.
(Q): Which vaccination for umrah
(A): For Umrah no need of any vaccination.
(Q): Which months is umrah closed
(A): Umrah visa closed in month of Ramadan.
(Q): Which is better umrah or tawaf
(A): Both have great reward(Sawad) and Worship.
(Q): Who cannot perform umrah
(A): Every Muslim can perform umrah but if a woman in Periods then she cannot perform umrah.
(Q): Who should perform umrah
(A): Every Muslim perform umrah.
(Q): What Umrah means
(A): Umrah means visit to Kabah, performing Tawaaf(walking) around Kabah, walking between Safaa and Marwah seven times. Then Shaved head hairs(man) and woman cut one inches hairs approximately and put of Ihram.
(Q): Umrah what to pack
(A): For Umrah visit you have need to carry with some important things with you.
1- Passport
2- Visa
3- Tickets
4- 3 Or 4 dresses
5- Ihram
6- Hotel Vouchers
7- Important Medicines like for flue, temperature, cough and etc.
8- Nail Cutter
9- Tea bags box
10- Sugar half KG
11- Scissor
12- Disposal Plates and Cups with Spoon.
(Q): Umrah what to take
(A): Same as Above mentioned.
I hope these information will helpful and guide Umrah very well. Remember me and family in your prayers.  
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